■”iROiRO” Solo Exhibition in Sydney


‘iro-iro’ means ‘various’ or ‘of different kinds’ in Japanese. ‘iro’ translates as ‘colour’.

For this exhibition I have added new colours into my work and have created all kinds of objects and drawings by integrating new materials such as paper, fabric, wood, and wire to my fine porcelain work.

I admire all crafts and so, want to capture the essence of craftsmanship in various forms into this new work.

My love of sewing led me to think about mending. We mend a piece of clothing and continue to use it so why not ceramics too? My mending project started when I was patching a favourite porcelain cup some time ago.

In Japan there is a practice of mending broken tea bowl with lacquer and gold/silver/tin powder. This is called ‘kintsugi’. We then continue to use the bowl and appreciate the whole of the object.

Through the paper vessels, fabric bowls, patched cups, stitched vases, wired objects and embroidered drawings in this exhibition I have expressed my respect for traditional crafts while exploring ceramic forms. Each piece has taken many hours of labour and through this meditative process I have gained new realizations about the practice of craft and the resulting objects.





Gaffa Gallery

Address: 281 Clarence Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

Exibition dates: 17th Oct – 28 Oct 2013

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 10-6pm, Sat: 11-5pm, Sun+Holidays: Close

Gallery phone: 02 9283 4273

Opening drinks: 6pm, 17th Octber 201