■Artisan’s market @ Coal Loader Sustainability Centre
□コールローダー マーケット参加

I will be at the Coal Loader Artisans’ Market on Sunday 26th Novermber 2017. The coal loader sustainability centre is only 5-7min walk from Waverton station (next stop from North Sydney station) This is my 1st market in North shore this year. I look forward to seeing you there!


Dates: Sunday 26th Novermber 2017

Times: 10am to 3pm

Entry: Free

No ATM at the premise

■Porcelain Throwing Course @ Hornsby TAFE

Glaze Samples by our student - Hiroyuki UemuraPorcelain Techniques – “Wheelforming” with Keiko Matsui

In this hands-on practical workshop with Japanese ceramic artist Keiko Matsui, students will explore wheelforming, glazing and surface treatment techniques using a range of porcelain clay bodies.  Over the six week workshop Keiko will demonstrate wheelforming,  surface treatment and glazing techniques adapted to the porcelain medium as well as giving each student advice & help to achieve individual goals.

Participants will make and fire a series of works which explore the potential and unique properties of the porcelain medium.

次の教室のお知らせです。轆轤成形を中心とした陶芸教室がホーンズビーTAFEで行われます。4時間x6回のコースで、数種類の白い磁土を用い、轆轤、釉薬、装飾技法など紹介します。ホーンズビーTAFEは数多くの轆轤と電気窯とガス窯を設置いる他、沢山の釉薬の種類があり、酸化・還元の両方の焼成が可能です。轆轤や釉かけのデモ以外に、個人別アドバイスを行い、各生徒のレベルにあった指導をさせて頂きます。お申し込みはTrisha Deanさんまで。


Porcelain Trhowing Course @ Hornsby TAFE

Teacher: Keiko Matsui

Dates: Monday 9, 16, 23, 30 October, 6, 13 November 2017 (4 hrs x 6 classes)

Times: 10am to 2:30pm

Cost: $350 + materials (All firing fee is included)

For further information and a session outline please contact: Trisha Dean at Hornsby Ceramics

Email: trisha.dean1@tafensw.edu.au

TEL: 9472-1200

■Plate Making Workshop

plate making workshopLet’s make WOW-Plate that will make your family, friends, and guests smile:-)

Handmade plates are very popular now. I know that some chefs are coming to pottery studios nowadays, to make their individualized plates. In this workshop, we will make 20-25cm (apprx) diameter plate which you can enjoy having your meals on every day. I will prepare good size slab for you and you can cut, draw, or decorate with slip. The plate can be hang as a wall piece too!

Date: Sun 27th Aug 2017

Session#2 11:45 – 2:15

Session#3 2:30 – 5:00


plate making workshop3
Venue: 172 St. John Rd, Glebe, NSW
Cost: Adult $88, Children(6 -12 yr) $78 (Smaller size)

Price Includes ALL tools you use, clay, slip, and 2 firing fee.

Your work will be fired and glazed (clear) and fired again. You can collected the finished plate from Yuga Floral Design Cafe within 10days after the workshop.

Booking: info@keikomatsui.com.au OR Call 0425 725 978

■Plant Pots Making Workshop

plant pot3Can’t find your ideal plant pots? Then you can make your own.

You have 2 options:

Option 1 – You will start with 1 pre-made bowl shape, which Keiko has thrown on potter’s wheel in advance. You can add decorations, cutting, carving (pot is still soft) or make holes to hang. This option is good for those who want to spend their time decorating. You are given one pot and a few options of pots shapes are available (approximately 15cm x 15cm).

Option 2 – You start from scratch. You make your own shape and decorate it yourself. You are given a ball of clay (1 to 1.5kg approximately) to create one pot or two smaller pots. Recommended for experienced people or someone who doesn’t want to decorate much.

plant pot1

Date: Sun 27th Aug 2017

Session#1 9:00 – 11:30

Venue: 172 St. John Rd, Glebe, NSW
Cost: Adult $85, Children(6 -12 yr) $75 
Price Includes ALL tools you use, clay, slip, and firing fee.

Your pot(s) are fired and can be collected at YUGA Design Floral Cafe within 10 days of the workshop. (*If your work is too thick, it may be a delay)

Booking: info@keikomatsui.com.au OR Call 0425 725 978

■Sydney Table @ Carridgeworks for VIVID SYDNEY
□シドニー・テーブル@キャッリッジワークス☆VIVID SYDNEY

[Photo:courtesy of Carriageworks & Zan Wimberley]

[Photo:courtesy of Carriageworks & Zan Wimberley]

I will be collaborating with chef Ben Sears on 17th June for the finale dinner of Sydney Table.

Carriageworks’ exclusive dinner series, Sydney Table, brings together Sydney’s best chefs and creatives for four new unique dining experiences during Vivid Sydney 2017.

Following a sold-out series in 2016, Mike McEnearney curates a lineup featuring Australia’s most respected chefs — together with Creative Director Tony Assness, and Lee Tran Lam as Master of Ceremonies.



O Tama Carey of Lankan Filling Stationwith Tracey Deep of Floral Sculptures: Wed 14 Jun

Clayton Wells of Automata, with Saskia Havekes of Grandiflora: Thu 15 Jun

James Viles of Biota, with artist Craig Waddell: Fri 16 Jun

Ben Sears of Moon Park, with ceramicist Keiko Matsui: Sat 17 Jun

sydney table1

[Photo:courtesy of Carriageworks & Zan Wimberley]

Venue: The Clothing Store, Carriageworks Way, Eveleigh, Sydney
Ticket price $200 + booking fee
This includes canapes on arrival, a 3 course meal with matched wines from Scotchmans Hill, Asahi Super Dry, still and sparking water by VOSS Artesian Water from Norway and an Archie Rose gin cocktail on arrival.

BOOKINGS: carriageworks.com.au/events/sydney-table-2017/

■Porcelain course @ Hornsby TAFE

[Porcelain by Keiko Matsui, Photo by Greg Piper]

[Porcelain by Keiko Matsui, Photo by Greg Piper]

“Porcelain Techniques with Keiko Matsui”

In this hands-on practical workshop with Japanese ceramic artist Keiko Matsui, students will explore a number of making, glazing and surface treatment techniques using a range of porcelain clay bodies. Keiko will begin the workshop with a visual presentation of contemporary ceramic artists who use porcelain in a variety of ways.

Over the 6 week workshop Keiko will demonstrate wheelforming, handbuilding, casting, surface treatment and glazing techniques adapted to the porcelain medium. Participants will make and fire a series of works which explore the potential and unique properties of the porcelain medium.

久々の私の陶芸教室がホーンズビーTAFEで行われます。4時間x6回のコースで、轆轤、てびねり、鋳込みなど幅広く技術を紹介すると同時に、デコレーション技術等の指導を致します。お申し込みはTrisha Deanさんまで。


PORCELAIN course @ Hornsby TAFE

Teacher: Keiko Matsui

Dates: MONDAY 8th Aug – 12 Sep, 2017 (4 hrs x 6 classes)

Times: 10am to 2:30pm

Cost: $350 + materials

For further information and a session outline please contact: Trisha Dean at Hornsby Ceramics

Email: trisha.dean1@tafensw.edu.au

TEL: 9472-1200


■Kintsugi workshop @ Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation

Kintsugi pieces by Keiko Matsui, Photo by Greg Piper.

[Image:Kintsugi pieces by Keiko Matsui, Photo by Greg Piper.]

My first hands-on Kintsugi workshop was held at Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation in Paddington on 13th May 2017. It was honored to be offered workshop by SCAF in conjunction with Ban Shigeru‘s architecture exhibition. Thank you so much, Dr Gene Sherman AM and the team for your generous support. And thank you to all students who participated at my workshop.

If you are interested in my workshop in the future, please register your email address on my eNewsletter.

私の初の金継ぎのワークショップがシャーマン・コンテンポラリー・アート・ファンデーションで行われました。世界的にご活躍されている建築家の坂茂氏の作品と一緒に、ワークショップが行えたことはとても光栄なことでした。SCAFのディレクターのDr Gene Sherman AMとスタッフの皆様に心より感謝しています。参加してくれた生徒さんたちもとても喜んでくださり嬉しく思っています。今後のワークショップに興味のある方は、ニュースレターへの登録をお勧めします。

Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation

Address: 16–20 Goodhope Street, Paddington, Sydney NSW

Date/Time: 11am – 1pm, 13th May 2017

■Scar Vessels @ SLOT

SLOT-1st Image-BLOGI am exhibiting my scar vessels and chair sculptures at SLOT window gallery in Alexandria in Sydney now.  Thank you for offering me the space, Tony Twigg the gallery owner and supporting and curating artist – Anie Nheu. I would like to share Anie’s words here.

Keiko Matsui’s installation of Scar Vessels series consists mostly of the porcelain pieces made in 2014 with the more recent chair series.  These pieces are minimal in form.  The variations that create their individuality are mostly in the way the porcelain sheets are folded and joined. 

They enclose the space they inhabit and turned to vessels to contain.  How these porcelain sheets meet dictate the forms they take.  Inspired by the art of Kintsugi, the junctures are left with their ‘mending’ traces.  Having them as an integral part of the identity of these forms, their appearance suggests bodies with healed scars.

The configuration of the familiar shapes found in the homes of the everyday conjures up intimate domestic setting. The use of scale in the ceramic chair with the ‘real’ chair provides a poetic narrative on the relationships amongst the assembled pieces.

This reminds me of Robert Therrien’s use of unusual scale in his re-creation of everyday objects as sculptures to strip the visual cue of their assigned functions. They are instead used as personal symbols to regenerate an emotional space of a childhood memory.  This is echoed in Keiko’s installation.

In this installation beauty is sought in the making, mending and in the arrangement. The creation of beauty in this space is controlled.  It is driven by the process of working with the intrinsic nature of the materials and an ‘innate knowing’ that has passed down through the generation.

Text by Anie Nheu


SLOT window gallery

Address: 38 Botany Road, Alexandria, NSW

Date/Time: 24 h x 7 days, from 7th May until 7th June 2017

■Kintsugi demo as a part of Repair Fair @ ADC

Kintsugi bowl by Keiko Matsui, Photo by Greg Piper.

[Image: Kintsugi bowl by Keiko Matsui, Photo by Greg Piper.]

I will be participating in Australian Design Centre‘s Repair Fair.

[A brilliant day to solve those DIY projects you’ve pushed to the back of the cupboard by connecting you with the skills or the experts. Save your objects from landfill and create a more sustainable future!

Arrive at 10am to submit your broken object or treasure to a panel of designers who will brainstorm creative transformations for you.With research investigator Niklavs Rubenis of ANU School of Art & Design, Sarah K from Supercyclers and design repairers Halie Rubenis and Trent Jansen.

Throughout the day, a range of repairers will showcase techniques with ceramics, textiles, jewellery, furniture and electronics, including textile designer Julie Paterson, jeweller Emily Copp and ceramicist Keiko Matsui. Staff from The Bower – Reuse & Repair Centre, Eveleigh Works, Gaffa Creative Precinct and City East Community College will share knowledge and advice about their workshops, repair services and demonstrations on re-using materials.] Text by ADC.


Australian Design Centre

Address: 101/113-115 William St, Darlinghurst NSW

Date/Time: 10am – 4pm, 6th May 2017

■Porcelain group exhibition in Canberra

kintsugi bowl blue and white beaver galleries3

[Image: Porcelain bowl with Kintsugi by Keiko Matsui, Photo by Greg Piper]

My first exhibition of 2017 is a 3 persons show at the Beaver Galleries in Canberra. I am  so honored to show my new body of work along with internationally acclaimed ceramicist Prue Venable, and Kenji Uranishi who’s famous for his meticulous architectural porcelain objects.

My new work is wheel thrown and hand-carved and hand-painted with cobalt. Some of the work is combined with Kintsugi and Maki-e technique which are traditional crafts skills in Japan. I appreciate you if you could visit the gallery to see our show.



Beaver Galleries

Address: 81 Denison St, Deakin ACT 2600

Date: 27th Apr until 14th May 2017

Opening hours:  Tue – Fri (10-5pm), Sat & Sun (9-5pm), closed on Mon

Gallery phone:  (02) 6282 5294