■Solo exhibition at Gosford Regional Gallery


immerse-1I will be exhibiting my new body of work at the Gosford Regional Gallery from 13th December until 1st February. I challenged the new slab technique for thin porcelain pieces and I drew images of my surroundings (Brisbane water area) in the Central Coast. The images of water, yachts, and boats are captured onto my pieces.

Gosford Regional Gallery has beautiful Japanese garden (stone garden, pond with KOI fish, wisteria, cherry blossom, plum, and tea house) which was created by professional Japanese gardeners from Japan. It is a part of sister city (Gosford city and Edogawa, Tokyo are sister city) contribution/exchange program.

While my exhibition is on, there are TWO exhibitions:

The Archibald Prize exhibition [22 Nov 2014 – 4 Jan 2015]

2nd Tamworth Textile Triennial [10 Jan 2015 – 22 Mar 2015]

I will be at the opening on Saturday 13th December. I look forward to seeing you.

Gosford Regional Gallery

Address: 36 Webb Street, East Gosford, NSW 2250

Date: Saturday 13th December – Sunday 1st February

Opening hours: 10-4pm

Phone: 4304-7550

Free Entry

■Winner at Gosford Art Prize (Ceramics)

gosford-art-prize-vaseMy vessel “I am NOT perfect.” was chosen as a winner of the Gosford Art Prize (Ceramics) in 2014. As this is my second winning prize since 2012 when I moved to the Central Coast, it was so hard to believe.

The Vase is 33cm diameter, 55cm height. The judge this year was Dr. Andrew Frost, who is art critique as well as a lecturer at COFA.

The exhibition will be held from 20th September until 16th November 2014.

I will be doing Artist talk on 3rd November, from 2-3pm. If you are interested in my work, please visit the Gosford Regional Gallery.

Gosford Regional Gallery

Address: 36 Webb Street, East Gosford, NSW 2250

Date: 20th September – 16th November 2014

Opening hours: 10-4pm

Phone: 4304-7550

Free Entry

■My article in JAC

jac-coverThe article of my work and myself is on the Journal of Australian Ceramic magazine.

The article is on the Journal of Australian Ceramics magazine. (Vol 53 No 1, April 2014) Thank you for writing my article, Karen. Thank you for publishing my article, Vicki and the team at the JAC.

The Australian Ceramics Association [www.australianceramics.com]

This article was published in The Journal of Australian Ceramics, Vol 53 No 1, April 2014.
Permission has been given to make it available on this website.
© The Australian Ceramics Association 2014

■”iROiRO” Solo Exhibition in Sydney


‘iro-iro’ means ‘various’ or ‘of different kinds’ in Japanese. ‘iro’ translates as ‘colour’.

For this exhibition I have added new colours into my work and have created all kinds of objects and drawings by integrating new materials such as paper, fabric, wood, and wire to my fine porcelain work.

I admire all crafts and so, want to capture the essence of craftsmanship in various forms into this new work.

My love of sewing led me to think about mending. We mend a piece of clothing and continue to use it so why not ceramics too? My mending project started when I was patching a favourite porcelain cup some time ago.

In Japan there is a practice of mending broken tea bowl with lacquer and gold/silver/tin powder. This is called ‘kintsugi’. We then continue to use the bowl and appreciate the whole of the object.

Through the paper vessels, fabric bowls, patched cups, stitched vases, wired objects and embroidered drawings in this exhibition I have expressed my respect for traditional crafts while exploring ceramic forms. Each piece has taken many hours of labour and through this meditative process I have gained new realizations about the practice of craft and the resulting objects.





Gaffa Gallery

Address: 281 Clarence Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

Exibition dates: 17th Oct – 28 Oct 2013

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 10-6pm, Sat: 11-5pm, Sun+Holidays: Close

Gallery phone: 02 9283 4273

Opening drinks: 6pm, 17th Octber 201

■Vitrify Ceramic Award Finalists Exhibition in Tasmania

bett-gallery-vitrify-exhibitionI was chosen one of four finalists of Vitrify Ceramic Award 2013. New body of work will be shown at Bett Gallery in North Hobart, Tasmania. The exhibition starts on 28th August and ends on 11th September.

The Vitrify Ceramic Award is one of the most competitive competitions for ceramic artists in Australia. I am thrilled to exhibiti along with establised artists such as Angela Valamanesh, Jane Sewyer, and Janetta Kerr-Grant.
I am flying to Hobart to attend the opening party on 30st August. If you are in Tasmania, please come to see me and my new work.

Bett Gallery

Address: 369 Elizabeth St  North Hobart TAS
Date: 28th August to 10th September 2013
Phone: +(61) 03 6231 6511
Contact: info@bettgallery.com.au

■First solo exhibition at STURT Gallery


My first solo exhibition is held at STURT Gallery in Contemporary Craft Centre in Mittagong NSW. This is a very special place for potters and makers. So many established and acclaimed Australian potters made pots here and exhibited. Since my graduation from the National Art School in 2006, I have been dreaming about exhibiting my work at this special gallery.

My dream came true today. I wanted to show my white porcelain vessel like the blank canvas as my departure of a potter’s carrier.

Thank you to the people who came to my opening. I felt very supported. I received many emails from people who could not make it to my opening party. It was very kind of you too, thank you.  I was very happy to see Jessica, Wendy, Emma who studied ceramics together at the National Art School era as we shared tear and laughter together then.

I can only confess now that I’ve tried to withdraw my first solo exhibition although I was accepted and it was my dream…because I have conceived my first baby just a year before the exhibition (You apply to the exhibition in 2 years in advance at STURT Gallery) and It was extremely hard to get work done with morning sickness. In addition to that, I had to leave my studio space in Chippendale where I originally set up everything from a scratch by myself, because of the investor purchased my studio space. I was at a loss, however me and my partner decided to purchase a little house in the Central Coast immediately, then I set up my new studio in order to make work for my solo exhibition. My birth was complicated and I was not well enough to go back to work to be honest, however, I went back to my studio in 3 weeks after the birth.

As an outcome of my struggle, one of my emotional piece “mother and child” was born and found a good home of Veronia and Ross. I cannot express my feeling into any words as this was my big milestone as an artist and as a woman.

And it was incredibly honoured to have Patsy Hely, the president of the ceramic association at my opening, as well as Sandy Lockwood, my admired teacher from the National Art School, Helen Stephens from All Hand Made gallery…I cannot list all up as this goes too long!

Last, thank you Ruark, my guest speaker who drove down to Mittagong despite his busy schedule for his own show in Hazelhurst Gallery.







contained-vista-frontSTURT Gallery

Address: Range Rd & Waverley Parade, Mittagong NSW 2575

Exhibition Dates: 14th Oct – 18 Nov 2012

Opening hours: 10-5pm Everyday

Phone: (02) 4860 2083

Opening drinks: 11am Sun 14th October 2012

■Winner at Gosford Art Prize (Ceramics)


{From left: Mr Tim Braham (Curator of Gosford Regional Gallery), Mr Lawrie McKinna (Mayor of Gosford City), Keiko Matsui, Sarah Samild (Assistant Curator of Gosford Regional Gallery)]

I am thrilled to announce you that I am the winner (ceramics) of the Gosford Art Prize this year. The judge was Anthony Bond OAM, the head curator and director at Art Gallery of NSW.

“In the end beautiful classical forms with glazes that fit and enhance the for are impossible to go past. I find some great forms are ruined by excessive decoration that often bear little relation to the underlying form. In this case the restraint of the floral design sits well on the shoulder of the pot amplifying its swell and the calligraphy below provides a strong but sympathetic complement to the form.” comments from Mr. Tony Bond.

I will be doing Artist talk on 3rd November, from 2-3pm. If you are interested in my practice, please visit the Gosford Regional Gallery.

Gosford Regional Gallery

Address: 36 Webb Street, East Gosford, NSW 2250

Date: 29th September – Sunday 25th November 2012

Opening hours: 10-4pm

Phone: 4304-7550

Free Entry

■Selected finalists for John Fries Memorial Award


“Still Life – TORN“, was selected as one of 15 finalists for John Fries Memorial Award 2011. My work demands tight control of the wet clay on the spinning wheel.  This time while shaping the vase to be, I felt a need to tear it while spinning, so the result will be individual and raw.

This is the very first work I created after I gave a birth of my son in 2011. I could not walk well after loosing lot of  blood from complicated birth and additional operation. However, I was dying to get back on my potter’s wheel.

I went back to my Chippendale studio only 3 weeks after terminating from the acute room in a hospital. I was physically and emotionally torn. To be honest, it really does not matter about the prize nor award…this is my memorial work and one of the works that I am proud of.


A torn vessel.

An evidence of one violent heartbeat in a flat time line.




The monotonic sound of the wheel halts.

And then again.

Only when all the vessels were put together, through a process of negotiating shape, character and space, I could hear my voice, a far cry.

This is my first work soon after giving birth for the first time.

An experience that has left me torn and fragile.

By myself, in the studio, I could only surrender the past and reform.

Text by Keiko Matsui


Address: 1 Blackfriars Street, Chippendale  NSW  2008

Date: 10 August to 30 September 2011

Opening hours: Wed – Fri 1 – 5pm

Gallery phone: (02) 9310 2018