Keiko moved to Australia in 1999 and completed a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) degree in 2006 at the National Art School in Sydney. Her work begins on the potter’s wheel and is then manipulated, cut and reassembled to evoke a quite and subtle abstraction. Making and reinterpreting objects is her focus. She pays particular attention to the form and proportion, the profile or outline of a vessel and the interconnectedness between the interior and exterior.

She had her first solo exhibition at Sturt Gallery in Mittagong in 2012 after exhibiting many group shows since 2003. Her recent achievements includes Gosford Art Prize (Winner in Ceramics, 2014 & 2012), Vitrify Alcorso Ceramic Award (Finalist, 2013), John Fries Memorial Award (Finalist, 2011) Small Art Object Prize in Vallauris, France (Winner, 2009) and the Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize. (Viewer’s choice award, 2008)




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